Creating Viral Content

June 1, 2013

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viral_contentWhen engaging in internet marketing for a business, social media plays a huge role. Internet users can share content with virtually everyone on several social media platforms. Making content easy to share is simple; provide buttons to share everything you post with just one click. Creating content that users feel the need to share is a little bit trickier. Content that goes viral can increase page views and potential customers significantly.

What is Viral Content?

Content that goes viral is content that spreads very quickly across the internet, much the same way a flu virus can spread across a real-world population. A few users “catch” it, then share it with their friends on various social media platforms. Then their friends share it with more people, and so on, until it makes its way around the globe.

What Makes Content Viral?

There are a few key things to know about what makes content go viral. Positive content tends to be shared more than negative content. Content that invokes strong emotions, whether good or bad, is shared more than content that doesn’t strike any emotional chords at all. Also, content that is practical or useful tends to get shared.

Positive Versus Negative

People like things that make them feel good. Spread the positivity by creating content that people will find uplifting. Inspire internet users. Give people a reason to smile.

Creating an Emotional Response

Many different emotions will make people want to share your content. Anger, fear, surprise and joy can all lead to shared content. If you write content that disputes something many people hold to be true, you can count on lots of those people talking about your content. You could also write content informing people of mistakes they may be making, invoking fear or anxiety. Alternately, you can provide content that is wonderfully written, personable, and funny, causing people to feel joy.

Practical, Useful Information

Some of the most-shared content involves a title that starts with “how to.” If you can give people instructions in a way that is clear, engaging and easy to follow, you can help people. People that find your advice useful and practical will want to share it with their friends and family. When you create content, it is a good idea to think about what steps you want people to take after reading it and include them at the end. Many people will read a blog post about, for example, genetically modified foods, but not many will act on it without instruction. Such content is more likely to be shared if it outlines specific steps a user can take to make a difference.

Creating viral content can go a long way towards marketing a business online. If you’re not confident in your own abilities to create content that goes viral, consider hiring a professional. An internet marketing specialist may be able to help.

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