Developing A High End Website

July 18, 2013


website_developmentWebsite development is divided into two separate tasks. The most visible is the design phase, which includes decisions about color scheme, navigation, layout, image creation, and various other tasks. The second task is programming, which focuses on the technical structure of the website. Programming can include the type of server to use, the server side software to use, database design and development, and whatever else is needed “behind the scenes” to make the website work.

In smaller companies, both of these tasks are sometimes handled by the same person. In order to develop a high end website, however, these tasks are divided between two people or between two teams. It is very rare to find people that are good at both the design phase and the programming phase, and it is important to find the best people to fulfill both of these essential needs.

Formerly, high end websites were distinguished from their more mundane counterparts by the amount of dynamic visuals. This included features such as animated pictures, flash animations, or fanciful backgrounds. However, as the web has matured, users have become less enamored with merely a fancy presentation. In many cases, a abundance of visuals is actually distracting and is a detriment to the user experience.

Today’s users want a website that is catered to their own needs and that remembers their preferences and purchases. Nearly all high end websites that are developed today utilize technology called dynamic content. Dynamic content is a programming paradigm in which a website is not merely a picture or a document. Instead, user information is stored and accessed in a database, and the website is created on the fly. In this manner, each user has a unique experience tailored to their own needs.

The final aspect of developing a high end website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the technique of elevating a website in search results. At this time, Google is the dominant player in the Internet search market, and thousands of man hours often go into the process of finding the best way of getting the highest Google rankings. According to Google and many user experiences, the most important factor in the ranking process is for the website to have good content. While there are ways to artifically inflate rankings, they invariably fail in the long run. The time spent trying to “trick” Google is far better spent on content development.

In the end, most successful websites are the ones that provide the best service to their users. Developing a website that meets users’ needs and provides quality content and a unique experience is the common denominator among the world’s top websites.

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