Getting Rid Of Leftover Building Materials

August 12, 2013

Human Resources

HPIM1185.JPGHome construction projects can be messy. They create a significant amount of waste materials that need to be disposed of. Improperly disposing these waste products can leave you with fines from your municipality. As such it is important to follow proper protocol when disposing of waste products from home construction projects. What are the effective ways of doing so? This article will provide you with some insight into considerations you should have when getting rid of leftover building materials.

The first step to keep in mind is the types of waste products that you will be likely to be creating with the home construction project you are beginning. Make a list of the likely by-products. Check to see if any of these are potentially harmful substances that have to be disposed of in a specific manner. For example, if your home construction project has any amount of asbestos in it there are specific regulations that limit the disposal options. The same is true of certain electrical wiring. These rules will vary significantly from area to area. Be aware of the rules in your area by checking with the town or city that you live in.

A consideration that should always be made is the amount of waste that your construction projection will generate. If there are insignificant amounts of waste then the regular garbage service may suffice. If larger amounts of waste will be generated then a waste service may need to be hired. Some will even provide you with a dump truck to deposit some of these products. A garbage collection service can provide you with these dumpsters and can haul away your trash when you have finished with the project. There will be a fee based upon your contract with the garbage collection service that you are using and the fee may be based upon the number of garbage hauls needed, the size of the hauls, or some other criteria as defined in the contract.

Another option for some home construction project involves salvage or junk yards. You may be able to sell some of the materials from your home construction project to a salvage or junk yard if they are in need of these materials. This is common with projects that have left over copper wires or metal by products that can be reused or resold by the junk yard.

Getting rid of leftover materials from a home construction project may require some research to learn of proper disposal methods but it may also provide you with opportunities when disposing of these items. Find out the likely by-products of your home renovation and explore both the regulations and options available to you once you do so to find the best way to dispose of these items.

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