Getting Started in the Hospitality Sector

December 24, 2012

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The work force in Europe is quickly changing, and the service industry is now one of the largest industry employers. The hospitality sector – which includes restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, and a whole range of other services – now employs more people than any other industry. In the UK, tourism is one of the most important economic deliverers. If you’re looking to study on hotel management courses, London might just be the best city for you.

Why Here?

Though the UK is listed as the 7th largest tourist destination, the UK capital is actually the top stop for tourists from around the world, surpassing all other cities by a very healthy margin. In 2006, over 15 million people visited London, which puts it well ahead of Bangkok (the second most visited city) with just over 10 million visitors. The service industry makes up over 70% of the UK’s economy, and hotels and restaurants made up a large portion of that contribution. London is also a hub of European and international banking and finance, with many business workers and investors travelling there every day. Along with New York and Tokyo, the city was named as one of the “command centres” of the 21st century’s global economy. So, if you’re looking to participate in one of the many offered hotel management courses, London should be one of your first choices.

Hotels and Hiring in the Capital

HCareers says that the future for hospitality employment looks bright, with more and more first world economies leaning away from manufacturing and towards service industries. Many recruitment websites are projecting that with the opening of more hotels in and around London, such as the large Art’otel London Hoxton and the Shangri-La London hotel in 2013, hiring in the industry within the city is set to increase in coming years. While the UK is a great place to study hotel management courses, London is a setting where you can learn among some of the world’s best and take lessons from the industry’s top actors.

Learning on the Frontline of the Industry

No matter where you’ve come from, completing a course in the UK, Australia, or the US shows a few things. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it shows that you’re competent in the English language to the extent that you can successfully integrate within a college, trade school or university, and that you can communicate effectively in that language. However, it also shows that your examples are most likely taken from hotels in the world’s most visited places where the service industry trumps all other forms of economic gains. If you decide to study in the UK capital, you’ll be at the frontline of the industry. After your hotel management courses, London’s streets and businesses will be familiar to you, making it easier to find employment in this city where industry jobs are growing.

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