Helping Employees Feel Safe at Work

July 18, 2013

Human Resources, Marketing

employeesHaving a safe work environment for your employee’s is just as important as having competent employees. Nothing can drive down moral and willingness to improve the company than having a workplace that is not safe or comfortable. On average an employee will spend around 45 hours a week in their workplace, which is a significant amount of their time throughout the week. So it is imperative the leadership do all they can do to ensure that they foster a positive and safe work environment for their employees.

There are several different approaches to providing a safe workplace. The first approach is to develop a comprehensive safety program that includes guidelines and regulations for the company. In addition, your company needs to ensure all your employees understand there is a “zero-tolerance” for any illegal or violent acts committed within the workplace. Your employees also need to know what acceptable and unacceptable behavior within the company is and provide avenues to report unacceptable acts. Many employees are often confused and afraid to report misbehavior due to vague report procedures or fear of retribution for telling on people. This can have an adverse effect on your employees and create an unsafe work environment.

Along with providing a solid safety program, you also need to properly train all your employees and management personnel. This can include how to recognize discrimination, intimidation, and how to react to natural disasters. Having a trained team will help foster a secure environment and gained the trust of all your employees. When employees are provided with the training, they will be more comfortable in handling any type of situation that arises within the workplace. They will be able to properly and confidently stop the incident or report it to management.

Another important aspect of establishing a safe work environment is the use of physical security measures that are designed to protect your employees. Lighting is one of the best things you can have installed to provide a safe environment. Having parking areas, entrances and exit points, and walking paths lit up will help deter any violence that may occur if no light was present. Another prevention practice is the use of access control units. These devices can prevent unwanted people from entering working areas or limit access to your employees. Finally, one of the best ways to foster a safe work place is the installation of CCTV monitoring across the company’s real estate. Having cameras placed in isolated areas as well as common areas are a great deterrence for anyone who may want to harm people. Normally people who can visibly see cameras feel more comfortable, because they know they are being watched for their protection.

As you can see, there are many avenues to choose from to help achieve a safe work environment. This can be a tough task to decide how to implement security features to protect your employees. Luckily, the people at Home Page are trained professional in the security field and can provide you the right solution for your company. So if you are looking to provide more security for your business and employees give us a call and let us earn your business.

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