Hivelocity Provides a Variety of Server Options

January 10, 2014


Hivelocity is a leading dedicated web server with thousands of customers in more than 135 countries. The innovative data center was upgraded in 2010 with 200 tons of computer room AC along with new generator and batteries to continue with state-of-the-art service over 100Gbps of ifiber optic connection to the internet using multiple tier 1 carriers. The company is long-term with private, debt-free ownership.

Hivelocity Provides a Variety of Server OptionsOnce customer sign, on they get online within four hours. Numerous popular server packages are available. Services are enhanced through the company’s managed hosting options. Rather tha wasting your time with 24-hour monitoring, the company deals with daily server issues. Professional staff is always available. A dedicated server reseller program offers valuable opportunities with up to full refunds on managed service.

Hivelocity services include:

• Self-Managed, Dedicated Servers
• Shared Hosting
• Cloud Hosting
• Reseller Solutions
• Media Streaming
• Control Panels
• SSL Certificates
• Domain Registration

Teaming up with Supermicro and Dell allows the company to provide enterprise class servers. These generate stability and longevity while also offering flexibility and lower pricing. Software offerings are customized to users along with dedicated server hardware. Every Microsoft Windows operating system is available including any MSSQL version. Adding Windows OS to dedicated servers adds only $10 to $20 monthly to service packages.

Linux also is available. While Redhat costs $20 per month, dedicated servers are equipped for free installation of Esxi, Debian, Unbuntu, FreeBSD, and CentOS. Control panels add functionality to dedicated servers that are supported all day, every day. Most service administrators have more than four years of company experience with many at the company since its founding.

It’s all about the end user though. Customers use company servers for activities including:

• Website Hosting
• Online Gaming
• Cloud computing
• Virtualization
• Audio-Video Streaming
• Credit Card Processing
• Software Development
• Rendering
• Data Storage
• Email
• Much More

Cloud hosting service includes stand-alone clouds on dedicated hardware, hybrid servers with virtualization benefits, cloud virtal servers with scalable virtual machines, and virtual private servers with dedicated resources on Xen hypervisora. Colacation also is available. This allows customers to provide server hardware while the company provides rack space, power total infrastructures and IPs and networks at a Tampa, FL data center.

The company offers impressive partnership opportunities. Resellers work with consultants to create business model plans. Affiliate programs allow customers to earn 10 percent on any dollar generated from traffic directed through their website. Both programs feature easy sign-ups and reliable customer support.

The company’s goal is to offer innovative web and cloud hosting services. Customer service is available through phone, live chat, and trouble ticket around the clock. Knowledge Base gives quick answers to frequently asked questions while simple to use training videos help illustrate account management options.

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