Increase Productivity and Equipment Life with Wear Reduction Technology

December 22, 2014


ajwellIf your business is plagued by wear related mechanical inefficiencies and failures, you may need to look into the introduction of innovative materials to reduce wear in your manufacturing and production processes. Whether your business is mining, power generation, the production of chemicals or cement, you are operating large equipment that is constantly moving and experiencing wear. There is an entire industry devoted to increasing the productivity and enhancing the service life of industrial machinery through the use and application of substances and compounds designed to reduce wear in the daily operations of such machinery. The AJ Weller Corporation is one of the leading companies in this industry, and they offer products that will help your business manufacture its products.

One example of the benefit of the introduction of new materials to a production process would be the utilization of high density polymer products to a company’s industrial applications. Such materials have a lower weight than steel and yet are tough enough to be ideal for lining machinery used in the chemical and paper manufacturing and coal handling industries. Another instance of the incorporation of materials to enhance production would be the addition of hard chrome plating where needed in industrial parts to reduce friction. Such plating may actually be a composite with some added materials and can have applications such as the lining of the inside of pipes to smooth the flow of liquids through the pipe and reduce the actual wear on the pipe itself.

The military has long benefited from composite materials’ technology to make lighter, stronger aircraft and other vehicles. Private industry can similarly benefit from the incorporation of such materials in their production process to make them more efficient, to decrease equipment failure rates, and to extend the overall life of the equipment. The use of composites involves the merging of various materials such as polymers, ceramics and steels to produce materials that will be better suited to specific industrial applications. Each of these substances has strengths and weaknesses, and combining them magnifies the strengths and reduces the weaknesses of each to produce materials to help your plant and equipment function better and longer.

The incorporation of materials and compounds that reduce wear can have an enormous impact on your businesses bottom line. Machinery that functions more smoothly due to reduced wear is machinery that will both function more productively during its working life and have a longer life. Your factory and plant equipment represents an enormous investment. Exploring the incorporation of products and materials that will increase the productivity and prolong the service life of your machinery is one of the soundest invest decisions you can make.


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