Is Print Advertising Dead?

January 9, 2014


Is Print Advertising Dead?As we venture further and further into the technological age there are questions remaining regarding the viability of print advertising and the effectiveness of it overall. While print advertising has become less popular due the prominence of online marketing and other technologically advanced advertising methods (for example advertising through mobile devices), print advertising is far from dead and thrives in some unique markets.

Understanding the tastes and preferences for individual markets is an important part of marketing. To do so, a study should be performed on the industry that a company is in and the customers who use the products and services that are offered by the company. In some situations it is easy to perform this assessment and to understand the customer base of a company, while in other situations and industries it is difficult to assess the customer base.

What marketing experts often find is that customers have a variety of different tastes and it is impossible to pigeonhole them into one large group. Some individuals use certain types of devices for their information in order to make their purchases, while others rely on other methods. Often, older individuals use printed materials such as magazines and newspapers to retrieve information on a regular basis, while younger individuals use newer forms of technologically advanced equipment such as mobile devices or the internet to get the information they want on a regular basis.

Marketers understand that in order to obtain business for their companies they need to advertise in appropriate places. Start by understanding the customer base that a company has and design advertising that reaches that subgroup of the market. In some industries this leads marketers towards television ads, while in others it leads them to print advertising options.

Print advertising is far from dead. Certain consumers use printed materials to make their purchasing decisions and advertising through these printed materials is the best way to reach these consumers in order to guide their purchase decisions in a more favorable manner. Advertisements in printed materials often resonate more with certain customers and printed advertisements often face lesser distractions than other forms of advertisements such as television ads (an viewer can simply change the channel) or internet advertisements (where a customer can simply close the browser).

If you are looking in the direction of print advertising, search for a local commercial printing Pittsburgh firm that is familiar with the local market and has the ability to provided printed advertisements that resonate with customers. Consider the journals and newspapers that you are looking to advertise in and the experience that the firm has in printing articles in them in order to comply with their printing options in the best way possible.


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