Keeping Your Office Clean

January 17, 2014


the modern office interiorAlthough keeping your office clean may appear like a minor problem compared to your everyday job obligations, it is actually one of the key factors that provide a productive professional environment.
Why is it important to keep the office space clean?

    • Productivity

Trying to get things done while surrounded by a mess is practically impossible. Concentrating on our work can be a tough job if you keep wondering around for that one piece of paper in the messy pile of files and folders. Employees will be more motivated and will work more efficiently if the working environment is appealing and everything is set to place.

  • Appearance

The first thing that a client notices entering your office is the overall appearance of it. A tidy and clean office space gives the impression of an organized and serious, professional company. A client that walks into a messy or dirty office will no doubt question the credibility of the company. Keeping an office in order will shout for a serious company, one that is always on top of things.

Making sure your office space is all set, it’s best to have a few focus points while trying to organize the cleaning process

    • The entrance and reception area followed by the lobby/foyer are the spaces you need to set as a priority. These areas will give the first impression, and you know you only get one chance for it to be positive. Sweep the floor, dust off the plants and ornaments, shelves and counters, have windows cleaned and furniture polished at least twice a week.


    • Not only is it unpleasant but it is also unhealthy to have the restrooms in a bad condition. Although few people use public restrooms, it is inevitable that employees, clients and visitors will eventually use them, so it is very important to have them cleaned on a daily basis.


    • The most frequently used space is of course most likely to be the messiest one. A practical filing system will allow you to work more efficiently, keeping you focused while doing your job. Starting from the paper piles on top, down to the waste baskets: separate, categorize and throw out all the unnecessary items you know have kept there for quite too long.


    • Eating area. First and foremost, do not eat at your working desk. If you don’t have an office kitchen or lunch area, it is always better to use your brake and lunch outside. Even if you don’t make a mess of your desk this is not the most desirable image for a client walking in. Having a lunch area is certainly the best option, but don’t leave out the fact that it also has to be cleaned daily.


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