Setting Up a Facebook Page

September 24, 2013


Pagelink, a new Facebook page creation tool, has created an OrangeSoda Facebook page template to help businesses create more interesting and engaging Facebook pages with eye catching designs, promotions, coupons, contests, polls, and more. With an OrangeSoda Facebook page template, businesses will be able to increase the performance of their Facebook page and attract more customers.Setting Up a Facebook Page

How Does OrangeSoda Facebook Page Template Work?

Advertising on Facebook can be rewarding, if you have a stellar page. Facebook ads pointing to Facebook pages can outperform ads that point to regular websites. To close this gap, OrangeSoda created Pagelink to help businesses get more out their Facebook page. Setting up a Facebook page can be daunting and a bit confusing to businesses, so OrangeSoda, with the help of Pagelink, came up with a template to help businesses create hassle free, intriguing business pages on Facebook. These templates help businesses promote their Facebook page in the most noticeable place on their Facebook profile, create a direct link between their profile and Facebook page, and generate visibility for their Facebook page without annoying “friends lists”. OrangeSoda offers set up packages that incorporate already designed templates, that include the business brand and colors. A basic set up package includes the creation of a Facebook cover photo, one page app, and a Twitter icon and theme. For businesses with greater needs, OrangeSoda includes two Facebook photos, two app thumbnail photos, two page app designs, and a custom background. With the Pro app, design source files are also available upon business request.

Setting up an OrangeSoda Facebook Page

Setting up an OrangeSoda Facebook page is pretty simple. The 3 steps include: 1. Come up with a killer promotion for the Facebook page. 2. Use the ease of Pagelink to create a preview of what the page will look like. 3. Publish to Facebook. Pagelink helps businesses create attractive promotions and contests at the drop of a hat. Get more customers with intriguing activities such as polls, coupons, and viral promotions. With Pagelink, businesses can also use “likes gates” and product listings to engage customers. Training webinars and training videos are also available to help with the ease of navigating through the set up. Pagelink works well by itself or can be combined with other marketing programs such as SEO or PPC.

About OrangeSoda

OrangeSoda, an online integrated marketing service founded in 2006, uses aggressive marketing strategies to net businesses the best return on their investment. OrangeSoda, through its integrated marketing strategies, is able to maximize businesses search engine results page, target the right customers, and offer integrated service and technology to businesses, which provides businesses with the proper combination of outlets for increasing their business.

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