Tips for Keeping your Office in Tip-Top Shape

April 23, 2014


Tips for Keeping your Office in Tip-Top ShapeYour office and the grounds around the office is a testament to what kind of business you are. When people walk through the parking lot into the building, they should be tailored lawns, great lighting, and a professional appearance that should reflect the professional service and attitude they should receive inside the building. First appearances are every thing and should be included in plans of keeping your office and your building in tip top shape. There are several things you can do to improve the outside appearance of your office and while investing a little time and money, you can increase business by showing a professional appearance inside and out.

Gentle Pressure Cleaning

Nothing can turn a customer away more than having dirt or grime on the outside of your office. Even old spider webs and other natural disturbances on your walls or doorways can scare away or hamper potential customers. First appearances are important and you do not want to drive away a customer before they cross the threshold. A gentle pressure cleaning might be the ticket to get rid of those old spider webs or other unsightly grime. The pressure cleaning does not harm paint or surfaces and your building will look as good as new.


Lighting is important for the outside appearance of your office. During the winter months the lighting is important because it gets dark earlier in the day. The lights can give the customer a sense of warmth and also a sense of safety as they navigate to your front door. Outside lighting, especially along the walkway, gives the building an aesthetic uplift and a look of being properly taken care of.

Decks and Fences

If your business has a deck or fence, the wood or material it is composed of should be cleaned regularly. Wood that is exposed to sunlight and the elements have a tendency to fade and to trap dust and grime. A pressure washing in the Spring and Fall is a great way to maintain the wood or composite and to give a clean look that will impress the customers as they enter the office. Leaves and plant debris will take away from the appearance of your office and may even put off that potential customer.

No matter how clean your office is inside, the appearance of the outside is just as important to keep clean. Though it is not correct to judge by appearances, many people do judge a business as to how they keep up the outside property.

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