Where to do Business Outside of the Office

April 15, 2014


Where to do Business Outside of the OfficeI once heard Larry Ellison say that his philosophy was to “have fun while winning.” I think that this is a great approach to life and business. If you shift your focus from always trying to close the next deal to finding ways to have fun while you are working, the possibilities for a more fun, enjoyable workday become evident.

I used to work in investment banking and I was always tempted to spent more time analyzing a company, doing research on a specific client or several other seemingly productive activities. Luckily, I learned very early on in my career that business is about people. When I started to look at potential and current clients as people instead of deals to be closed, I completely changed how I interacted with them. We used to have clients come in for 4-5 hours and discuss their company at length so we could understand their business. When I began thinking about it from the clients perspective I realized how boring that was for them. Instead, we began taking clients out on the golf course. We still discussed their company and learned everything we needed to, but it was much more fun for everyone involved.

As the analyst, it was my responsibility to take notes during these meetings. Instead of writing down everything our client was saying, I began tape recording our conversations instead. This allowed me to focus on the client specifically instead of looking down at my pad of paper. It was much more fun for everyone involved and also more effective because I didn’t miss anything and could go back and review what was said.

I also found that the old cliche of finding out what someone is really like on the golf course is commonly used for a reason. As investment bankers, it was our job to understand not just our client’s business, but our client himself/herself.

We found that golf is the best way to do this. As I’m sure you know, golf can be an exceedingly frustrating game because the circumstances are constantly changing. We had a client who was so mellow that he didn’t care about the quality of the shot he hit. This told us that he wasn’t concerned with results and that we didn’t have to worry about getting him the highest amount possible for his business.

We had another client who would become upset and throw clubs every time he hit a bad shot. This told us that he needed lots of coaching during the process because the negotiations could become heated at times.

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